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World Service Conference Mission Statment

“The World Service Conference brings all elements of NA
World Services together to further the common welfare of
NA. The WSC’s mission is to unify NA worldwide by
providing an event at which:

• Participants propose and gain fellowship consensus
on initiatives that further the Vision for NA Service;
• The fellowship, through an exchange of experience,
strength, and hope, collectively expresses itself on
matters affecting Narcotics Anonymous as a whole;
• NA groups have a mechanism to guide and direct
the activities of NA World Services;
• Participants ensure that the various elements of NA
World Services are ultimately responsible
to the groups they serve;
• Participants are inspired with the joy of
selfless service, and the knowledge
that our efforts make a difference.”

— CAR 2020, pg. 2

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Introduction, WSC of the Future, and IDT input 

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Strategic Plan, Mental Health IP – Motions 1-2  

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Fellowship Intellectual Property Trust – Motions 3-5

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Regional Motions: Motions 6-16 

Hello everyone, this is an announcement to inform you that the Area Service Committee meeting for 4/5/2020 is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. I just wanted to write something with some suggestions and directives on how we can stay on top of things in lieu of meeting in person.

● If any of the subcommittees have urgent internal business that must be handled, I would suggest meeting via tele conference or the Zoom platform.

***If you need assistance setting up Zoom please contact Roxy M. 610-823-2430***

I have spoken with the RCM and CAR votes are still due back to her by NO LATER THAN 4/15/2020. The CAR and the tally sheet can both be found at rasdcna.org The RCM needs the vote totals for each motion, not just whether the motion passed or failed. An example would be if there were 5 members in the home group, she would need to know that 3 voted to pass and 2 voted to fail. The tally sheets can be sent to

Kelly M. at mailto:kmoriartyyy@gmail.com

● I have spoken with the treasurer and there are no checks that need to be signed as of now. All charges owed by the Area are direct withdrawal from the bank account. I am waiting on the church to get back to me regarding whether they want us to pay rent this month. If they do, I will meet with the treasurer to sign the check.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, I will do my best to answer them. We are in
unprecedented times and we must work together to get through this. I am positive all trusted servants are doing the best they can with the resources allowed and we must thank them for that. Stay safe and look out for one another.

In loving service,
Max F.